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4 Practical Strategies to Attract and Retain Quality Tech Talent

Recruiting the services of highly skilled and top tier tech talent is crucial to the success of any technology company or startup. However, it often proves very challenging to get talents like these because they are in high demand globally. Furthermore, attracting quality software engineers requires strategic planning. 

According to a report from Cloud Foundry in 2018, there will be a million unfillable developer jobs in the next decade. This forecast means that it will continue to get harder for companies and organizations to hire great developers for their teams. Overall, the employment of developers is expected to grow 27% by 2024. This is actually unprecedented and there are not enough developers coming into the market to keep up with that growth.

While the competition for talent may be fierce, there are ways to stand out as a company looking to attract or retain great developers. This article seeks to address these topics and lay out strategies that innovative companies can adopt to attract and retain top tech talents.

Offer Great Salary Packages

What to pay tech talent

You want to attract the best? You offer the best! This sounds simple enough. Unfortunately, a large number of tech companies fail to meet up in this regard. A strong approach for attracting and retaining top developers to organizations is to pay them adequate compensation for their work. Although this is only one part of the equation in retaining them, highly skilled developers are attracted to competitive salaries, benefits and perks. Salary benchmark and annual pay reviews are pivotal when it comes to retaining top developers.

Training and Development

Training and development for tech talent

To keep a high-performing talent challenged and stimulated, offer training and upskilling opportunities. This not only helps them to improve on their skillset but it also relays to them that the company cares about their personal and career goals. Failure to do so could lead to a high turnover rate as great developers are always on the lookout for new opportunities. Another way to ensure the development of your tech talent is to provide access to mentorship by more experienced developers within the organisation. 

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance for tech talent

Work-life balance can mean a lot of things to different people. But, in this instance, it can be supported by having flexible working hours which could include remote working as well. A vast majority of developers have stated that flexible and remote working were the two most important factors in a good work-life balance. Hence, remote working and telecommuting are the most commonplace and desirable to developers, especially the ones that do not fit into a 9-5 working schedule.

Use Modern Tech

Strategy to retain quality tech talent

Providing developers with cutting-edge technology and tools that would make their jobs easier is another important factor to consider when trying to attract or retain top software developers. Using modern technology will enable them to discover innovative ways to carry out their jobs more efficiently. 

While this is not an exhaustive list of factors that affect how well your organisation is able to attract and retain top tech talent, the items in this article are tested and proven. 

With the steadily increasing demand for Software Developers, the usual strategies to recruit may no longer be adequate. This is why TalentQL combines the use of advanced technology and a thorough vetting process to identify and hire high-performing software engineers for innovative companies around the world.